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Love it!

I’ve been using the oil for nearly two months now over winter and love how nourishing it feels on my skin without being heavy, makes my skin look radiant and plump with no cause of breakouts like I’ve had with some oils in the past.

I actually just LOVE it

My skin feels great - I don't need to use a lot - but it really is feeling dos much more hydrated, thanks so much

Life changing!!

I’ve never had such soft even skin before…it changed my life thank you so much x

Facial oil

This oil is nice and light and doesn't feel greasy at all, very happy with this

My Holy Grail!

I’ve struggled with my skin since the age of 12. Now at 22 my skin is much better after seeing a dermatologist. I really wanted something to treat my skin but I still found that a lot of the serums out there still made me breakout and caused my sensitive skin to turn red. 2BB’s serum has never caused a breakout, and doesn’t turn my face into a tomato! It leaves my skin glowy and unbelievably soft. I’m currently on my second bottle and I couldn’t recommend it enough. You’ve got yourself a life long customer 🥰


Great serum! Hydrates my sensitive sometimes dehydrated skin well. Goes on my skin great, does not look oily and it’s not greasy or sticky. Love using this esp in winter!
Loving the Kansa wand! Can’t get enough of it!

R&R Serum and Kansa Wand

Such an amazing serum, my skin has been gorgeous since I’ve started using it. The Kansa wand helps me shift that fluid build up I love them both thank u xo

Product review.

Good oil; serum.


Am on my second bottle, I love it. The bottle and dripper is perfect I can twist it closed with one hand. The serum is well accepted on my face and has helped with my rosacea, has nearly gone. The wand feels so good too, am really happy with my purchase and will continue to buy.

Absorbs nicely into skin but has not made a significant improvement to my skin as yet

Been using this for about a month now and haven’t noticed any significant improvement in my acne and acne scars. Also found using this serum alone was not enough to keep my skin hydrated/moisturised - my cheeks and neck were drying out. The product absorbs nicely into my skin and I quite like the nutty smell. Will continue to use and see if my skin gets any better.


I love using the Kansa Wand with the serum, this is my third bottle of the TBB Serum and the wand makes for a calming night time ritual.

Amazing product!

Wonderful hydrating serum.

Love love love

Onto my second bottle. I love this serum. I’m breastfeeding so jumped at chance to use something effective but safe. Totally recommend for dry ageing skin. Makes my skin feel hydrated but not oily.

Love it!

This has been the only Serum I have consistently used on my face everyday, ever. I always feel like I am giving my face a little treat. Love this product and will definitely be reordering.

Really gentle & hydrating

I have been using this product everyday for 2 months now and am loving it, especially since I have only used a quarter of the bottle! I do get the odd hormonal spot around that time of the month but nothing stops them. But have noticed that my skin is a lot clearer and stable, and had evened out a bit too. It feels so nice to put on and even better when I use my Kansa wand, love my night time routine of facial massage. Also using this product has helped to simplify my skincare routine which is very exciting.

Awesome products

Great product, love it! Not something I would normally purchase but love using the wand feels great on my face and my skin has never felt better.

Super Hydrating

I love it, it makes my skin feel so smooth, healthy and hydrated. I will definitely be purchasing again 10/10

Beautiful product

My skin loves this serum. It has given my skin more of a glow! I love how it feels light and non greasy on my skin. The bottle is perfect, the dropper is the best! Would definitely recommend this to people, and I will be buying more without a doubt!


Love this product!!!



I'm really pleased with my purchase of the R&R Serum plus the Kansa Wand. The serum is especially lovely to use and feels great on my face. I'm still getting into the habit of using the wand but when I do the coolness of it when I glide it over my face feels fabulous!

More than just a serum

I’ve been an avid skincare user for the last 10+ yrs, and it’s become so engrained in my life that it’s merely another mundane task I do aimlessly on the daily. However with 2BB’s Serum it’s like a time I can treat myself and really focus in on the nourishing goodness it’s giving me & how much I love taking care of my skin. This serum really is a dream to have added in my routine.

Great option!

Had the combo not been available unlikely I would have purchased the wand, so glad I have it now!

The only product I have ever used that has actually improved my skin

I wanted to wait and review this product when I had used it for a few months first. I'm 35 and have had acne since I was 11. Nothing I tried ever worked so I eventually just gave up trying and put up with the nasty zits that would pop up consistently. Since using this product, I haven't had a single nasty zit. I still have pores and texture and the occasional tiny whitehead, but for the first time ever, I'm comfortable going without makeup. The only other products I use are a cleanser bar and a scrub once a week. I don't have the disposable income to spend hundreds every month on my skin. This is one product I save up for, because it lasts me months and is worth every cent. It's a bonus to support a small local business with strong ethics at it's core.

Only skin care product I use!

This product is amazing. As a male I've never really used anything other then water on my face. But I love how easy this is to use and how long each bottle lasts. I also love how every little thing from the ingredients to the packaging has been meticulously put together in order to promote and educate people around sustainability!