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Love it

This serum feels so luxurious to apply. I’m a first time serum user and I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. I’ve noticed an improvement in my pimples on my cheeks, they have pretty much cleared up, hoping it stays this way! I’m in my mid 30s and this was why I bought it.

It was a present

This was birthday present for a friend. I do not know w how she is enjoying your product. She likes the facial wand.


I am not really a serum pro, or even medium lol but I just hit 41 and thought maybe its time 😅 and ok what have I been up to all these years!!! This serum makes me feel like I genuinely loving on my skin.....without being dramatic or promising the world or breaking my bank it makes me feel and see that I taking care of skin is more even and bright....I often go without makeup (unheard of for me) I'll be a regular customer and I'm getting some for my Mum and Sister for Christmas.....thankyou xo

Happy Customer

This is my second purchase of the serum. I love using it.

A beautiful skin treat

A super simple formulation that works with my skin for glowing results. Try this product, its a game changer.

Amazing product

Two Birds Beauty Serum is the best there is on the market. My skin after 40 days is more plumped up, no more fine lines and my face is far less drawn and grey looking. Thank you guys for making such an awesome product!

Can't live without my two birds beauty serum!

I'm on my 3rd bottle now! Even though it should last for ages I use it twice a day everywhere lol! It's so beautiful my skin is always glowing and looks fresh since using this product, ive had many compliments and people ask what I use on my skin. Beautiful product highly recommend, well done Jess xx

Love the product! Noticeable improvement in my skin, very happy 😃

Love these!

Love both products. The serum is so hydrating and my sensitive skin loves it. The wand is great too, such a nice way to wind down at the end of the day.


Really love this product. Since being pregnant and giving birth I’ve had this weird dry patch of skin and tried every cream to get rid of it…this serum got rid of it within a few days and my skin is so soft and dewy! 10/10 recommend!

Love it

I started using Replenish & Repair earlier this year. Usually during the change of seasons my skin plays up and becomes really dry and irritable, however this year I had no problems at all. I would highly recommend :)

Clear skin again

Highly recommend. Skin has never looked clearer and this is the only thing that I have changed in my beauty routine. No more dull, pigmented skin. Game changing.

GREAT product

Love this product and my fiancé does too, it works for so many skin types - highly recommend 💕


Kansa Wand

Saw it in Good Magazine and was so delighted with such quick shipment and the wand is just spectacular, I use it every night and my face is loving it.


Daughter ordered a bottle, so,as it was in the bathroom, I used it day and night for 2 months. I have older skin, with age spots appearing, and although I moisturize night, and day, my skin had lost its glow.
I have now ordered 2 bottles of my own, as I'm so impressed how this oil is making my skin feel soft, smooth, and it feels fantastic. Thank you!

Best Serum

This is my 4th bottle, absolutely love it. I have noticed the difference in my skin and with the Kansa wand it brightens my face and the blood flow circulating. I have to literally hide it from my 19yr old daughter

Gorgeous Bio Retinol Serum!

So stoked on how this bio retinol serum has worked for me & my skin type! It feels so luxurious on & paired with the Kansa Wand - it’s like you are giving yourself a beautiful mini facial & dedicating time for YOU whilst honouring your biggest organ protecting your body - our skin! It’s helped with the hydration levels of my skin & evening my tone I feel also! It just uplevels my skin & is my last step or sometimes my ONLY step in the day after cleansing when I am having a minimal product day or just being lazy, or unwell & have low energy! It really helps brighten also & help with fine lines etc! I’m onto my 2nd bottle & will keep repurchasing as I rate it so highly! Thanks Jess + Adam you legends 🤍


Have had no issues with this yummy serum. Have sensitive skin on occasions but no issues here. Wonderful texture! Buying second bottle as we speak!

Great serum

Love this oil, my skin feels so soft!

Best skincare product!!

I am on to bottle number 3 of the bio-retinol serum and am so in love with this product. I have sensitive skin and for years and years have found it very difficult to find a product that works well with my skin type. The bio-retinol serum feels amazing on my skin and I wouldn't put anything else on it. It has also worked wonders on my skin during pregnancy and post partum too. I highly recommend!!


I love this product. I’ve used it morning and night for 50 days. I have used probably 4/5 of the bottle. Two drops every time I use it, so I’ve cut down to one drop to try and make it last longer

Love it!

I’ve been using the oil for nearly two months now over winter and love how nourishing it feels on my skin without being heavy, makes my skin look radiant and plump with no cause of breakouts like I’ve had with some oils in the past.

I actually just LOVE it

My skin feels great - I don't need to use a lot - but it really is feeling dos much more hydrated, thanks so much

Life changing!!

I’ve never had such soft even skin before…it changed my life thank you so much x