We believe eco-friendly, high quality, and effective skincare should be the new normal.

Our mission is to make skincare a less complicated and intimidating aspect of your self-care routine. Taking care of your skin shouldn't feel like a dreaded chore, it should be fun! 

It was also important to formulate innovative skincare that has a positive impact on the well-being of our planet, people and animals.

By providing the best quality, clean and ethical skincare, we’re hoping it will encourage our customers to start making more conscious choices in every aspect of their lives.

Our business has sustainability embedded into its core values and adheres to the 3 following principles:




We consider our products life cycle from cradle to grave. This includes sourcing raw materials, product manufacture, packaging and distribution, to ensure no harm comes to the planet, people or animals.

As part of our sustainability initiative we are proud to be an entirely water-less skincare brand. Although some of the raw materials we use need water to be processed, all the products we manufacture are water-free.

Water is the most-used ingredient in the personal care industry, and with concerns that demand for water could outstrip supply we only formulate water-less skincare.



As a company, we promote inclusion, fairness and equal opportunities and It’s important for us to know that our supply chain is being ethically filled.
We research all our raw material suppliers to ensure there’s no child labour used to produce our ingredients, people are being paid fairly and not being subjected to poor or unsafe work environments.

Our dream is to become established enough so that we can start donating a part of our profits to charities and organisations that align with both your's and our values. We'll make this decision together, so we'll be sure to keep you in the loop!




“Alone we can make a difference, together we can change the world”

Being able to find high quality, effective, ethical and sustainable products can be a challenge – and it shouldn’t have to be.


Two Birds Beauty strive to produce and offer a range of the highest quality skincare for everyone, at the best quality/price ratio.