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Embracing a sacred ritual...
Used for centuries and recognised for its holistic, therapeutic qualities within the Ayurvedic system, the Kansa Wand is a revered facial massaging tool for encouraging circulation, balancing skin, and relieving stress by aiding energy flow and promoting a more radiant complexion.
The Kansa Wand has been mindfully designed with safe, beneficial materials and housed in a beautifully handstitched, hand-printed organic cotton bag. Made from FDA-certified, quality Kansa and sustainably grown Sheesham wood, the Two Birds Beauty Kansa Wand is the ultimate holistic self-care beauty tool aiding healthy, glowing skin.
Due to its alkaline properties, Kansa metal when used for facial massage, helps to balance your skin's pH, aiding to bring balance to skin suffering from sensitivity, premature aging, inflammation, and acne. Massaging the skin on your face with our Kansa Wand also aids with lymphatic drainage, removing built-up toxins, and providing better circulation and fresh oxygen to the skin. Kansa metal is also cooling and can help to firm skin and calm breakouts. Through targeted application to the marma points (anatomical locations in the body under the Ayurvedic system) in the face neck and shoulders, the Kansa wand can alleviate stress, relax muscle tensions, and improve energy flow within the body.

Kansa is an Indian name for bell metal or bronze and is an alloy of copper (around 78%) and Tin which when heated together under extreme heat, form pure bronze. The malleable metal is then moulded into our Kansa Wand head. Each wand is skillfully handcrafted in India by our specialised Kansa artisans. The rise of knock-off wands, often made with incorrect metals including high lead use, drove us to provide the highest quality, safe-to-use product...


This is why we have produced one of the only FDA-certified Kansa Wands globally.


At Two Birds Beauty we chose to work with an ethical textiles company in Bali to create our handwoven organic cotton bags, specially sized to fit a traditional loom and avoid wastage - with even the off-cuts thoughtfully used to create the rosettes.

We felt it imperative to work with partners that are not only sustainable but ethical in their operations, with positive working conditions and fair wage opportunities for everyone involved in the manufacturing of our products.

How to use:

For gliding over the skin with ease, we recommend using a face oil. Our R&R serum works beautifully.

Something you might notice (but shouldn't worry about) is greying. Don’t be alarmed if you massage with the Kansa Wand and you see a greyness appear on the skin - It means it's working! The grey is a chemical reaction between the metal and the acid content on the skin as it heals. Simply remove the grey after your massage with a gentle cleanser and cloth.


For a detailed guide on how to get started, follow this link to our Kansa Wand Guide





With the devastating impact of the Covid pandemic continuing in India, Two Birds Beauty would like to show their support for not only their partner suppliers but the broader community. For the month of June, $5.00 from each sale will go to OxygenForIndia, an initiative established by ‘The Center For Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy’. The #OxygenForIndia is a volunteer-run campaign to deliver lifesaving medical oxygen to those who need it the most, and especially the poor who have little chance of being admitted to a hospital. To find out more please visit: OxygenForIndia.org

Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality

The Kansa Wand is amazing quality and feels lovely and cooling on the skin. I've been using it nightly along with the serum and my skin is looking better than it has in a long time. Really helps to ease the stress and tension in the facial muscles that build over the day. Long term I think this will make a real difference.

Kansa Wand - love it

I am loving the Kansa Wand - the coolness against your skin is so soothing, combined with the serum it is becoming a regular feature in my prep for bed. I am using the Kansa Wand at the moment every 2nd night and enjoy the way the face massage with the Kansa Wand calms the mind and settles you down before you head off to sleep.

Karyn Cowan
Kansas Wand

Fantastic quality and I love using it with my Two Birds Beauty Serum 💖